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Welcome to Real Life

We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods word. Come journey with us.

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Church Activities

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Cookout On Fall River!

Join us April 12th after church at Fall River (South of Eureka) for a fun […]

April 6, 2015
Easter Volunteer

Easter Volunteer Opportunities!

Jesus said He came for one reason, so everyone could “have real and eternal life, […]

March 13, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt Info!

Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s time once again to start […]

March 6, 2015

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Helping every person possible find real life in Jesus and look more like him every day takes every person present! Get involved in our Ministries - it will change your life.

You don't have to have tattoos to come to Real Life, but it doesn't hurt. We're just real people in search of real answers as we make our way through the real world. You're welcome to join us on the journey.