About Real Life’s Vision


That’s the vision of Real Life.  Let’s face it, not everyone feels comfortable or even welcomed in every church.  Not every church you try is going to be a good fit.  If every church were the same then you’d never need to try another one… but every church is NOT the same.  Being a church for the rest of us means that what you experience at Real Life probably won’t be like what you experienced when you were growing up (going to church with Grandma).  For example, one Sunday morning we stopped the service and had a pickle eating contest!  The music is modern (actually on the rockin’ side), with an occasional modernized hymn thrown in.  The messages are practical and relevant to life on a daily basis.  Best of all the chances you’ll feel out of place are pretty slim – but let us give you a few pointers – if you come in a suit you’ll be warmly welcomed (but everyone will know it’s your first time), if you’ve got tattoos, tattered jeans or your life/past aren’t perfect you’ll fit right in.  At Real Life, you’ll feel like you belong to something greater than yourself.  You’ll be part of the family from day one, come and see.  If you haven’t found a church that fit you probably haven’t tried Real Life.