Serve This Easter

Helping every person possible find real life in Jesus takes every person present

It's a bold challenge... Every person possible.

I ask myself, if we're trying to help every person possible what WOULDN'T we do?

The answer, every time is, *nothing.

But none of us can do it alone. Moses had help. Joshua had help. Peter and Paul had help (no, it wasn't Mary). Jesus had help - 12 guys who prayed, healed, read, walked, unpacked, set up, worked, taught, waited tables and cleaned up after folks. In other words, they served.

This Easter could be the biggest and best Easter at Real Life EVER and we want to be ready!

We're offering two identical services this Easter at 9am and 11am and we're gonna need help in the following areas.

  • SET-UP TEAM: 6am You'll help get everything set up, rooms organized, banners and tables set, trailer unloaded, basically everything ready as soon as possible. (18yo +)
  • WELCOME TEAM: 8:30am or 10:30am - You'll welcome our regulars and help make our newcomers feel welcomed and wanted - showing them around the building and basically being a super friendly smiling face (smiles a must! 13yo +)
  • USHER TEAM: 8:30am or 10:30am - You'll hand out bulletins inside the big room, help folks find a seat (especially when the lights go out) and help receive the offering. (13yo +)
  • EASTER EGG HUNT TEAM: 10:15am - You may be taking pictures, helping coral kids, or handing out prizes to the kids who find the special tag in an egg! (13yo +)
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM: 8:15 or 10:15 - You'll help make sure the coffee pots are full, cups, lids and condiments stay stocked and just be a smiling face helping to welcome people to Real Life! (18yo +)
  • TEAR-DOWN TEAM: 12:20 - You'll help us put up and load up after everything's done and lives are changed.


We're looking for 9 more volunteers for Easter Sunday in the following areas;

Usher Team: 9am - 1, 11am - 1

Welcome Team: 9am - 2, 11am - 3

Hospitality Team: 9am - 1

Egg Hung (9:45 - 11) - 1

*We should be willing to do whatever it takes, short of sin, to help every person possible find real life in Jesus. it's really just exactly what Jesus did.