YOU can make a difference in the lives of others - just like Jesus!

You Were Made For This!

God created you, yes you, with unique abilities and aptitudes to build His Kingdom. Serving is the best way to discover the gifts He's given and connect with others who'll be blessed by them We have opportunities to use your personality, passions, skill set and even your schedule to help others find real life in Jesus and look more like Him every day... just like someone else has done for you!

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Kid's Ministry
  • Host Teams
  • Worship Environments
  • Production
  • Admin

And just so you know, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SERVE ON THE SAME TEAM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You might want to and that's fine, but if you start serving on a team and find out you don't really like it, just jump to a different team. No worries!

Keep reading for more detailed information on the different areas you can get involved. Or, scroll to the bottom and fill out the brief form to jump on a team quick and start making a difference in the lives of others!

Real Life Kid's Ministry

Kid's Ministry at Real Life is separated into two groups: Little Lifers - birth to 3 years old and Life Kids - 3yrs to 5th grade.

Kid's Ministry at Real Life is designed to teach kids about Jesus on their level in a safe, fun environment. Each weeks kids are taught the Bible in creative ways and on a level they understand. They'll build relationships with adult volunteers and their peers. You can serve in Kid's Ministry on a 3-week rotation, every other week or every week to provide the greatest consistency for kids that live inconsistent lives.

Host Teams

Volunteers on our Host Teams specialize in helping people feel welcomed and wanted at Real Life. From the moment a person steps out of their car until the moment they leave, our Host Teams make our regulars and guests feel welcomed and right at home while they are with us. Host Teams offers opportunities to serve before, during and after all our Sunday gatherings.

Areas where you can make a difference include the Welcome Team, Hospitality Team, Usher Team and Connection Hub Team.

Worship Environments

If you can play an instrument or sing then our house band might be the right fit for you. Our band and vocal team lead the congregation from the stage each Sunday and at special events. They help us focus on Jesus and direct our hearts in an overall experience of worship. This also includes our ushers who make people feel welcome in the main room and also receive the offering. Worship Environments offer opportunities to serve before, during and after all of our Sunday gatherings. For musicians and vocalists an audition is required, vocalists should be able to harmonize and musicians need to be able to read and play chords.


Production volunteers help deliver an excellent, visually pleasing and distraction-free service environment. If you're creative, intuitive, hard-working and have a passion for visual excellence and details, working behind the scenes with Production might be a great next step for you. There are spots to volunteer at nearly every gathering. Running lights or sound, using video cameras or directing the live-streaming experience. It takes a lot of people to help every person possible find real life!

If you'd like to know more about our Live-Streaming Team head on over to the live-stream page!


If you love dotting every "i" and crossing every 't' then you might love being a part of our Admin team. Our Admin volunteers help with Sunday details like data entry, social media, connection cards, etc. Opportunities to serve span from Sunday to Sunday and some can be accomplished polished form the comfort of your own home. For most positions on the Admin team, being comfortable with computers is a must.

Ready To Serve?

It's super easy to get plugged in at Real Life Church - just fill out the brief form below! If you already know which team you'd like to be a part of check that box. If not, don't worry, just check the "I'm not sure" box and we'll contact you to help you make that decision.