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The last statement of a dying man is very important. What do you say when you’ve only got a minutes of life left? Jesus said some pretty important and interesting things while He was on the cross. In this series we’ll take a look at those statements and how they relate to life, to us and to our faith. We’ll see how when we think it’s the end, He’s just beginning.


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Miracles are happening all around us all the time, but you won’t see them if you don’t know how to look for them.

In this series we’ll take a close look at 4 of the seven miraculous signs of Jesus found in the Gospel of John, showing how they are not simply something Jesus did in the past but also something He wants to do now, in the present.


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Has your marriage relationship been on the rocks? Has she changed? Has he let himself go? Are you trying to navigate a blended family? There are a LOT of questions these days about marriage. What constitutes a marriage today? Who decides what a marriage is or isn’t? Is marriage just a cultural institution regulated by the judicial system or popular opinion? How do we work to have a strong marriage?


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Is your spiritual life stumped?  Do you feel like you’re not growing in your walk with Jesus? In this series we’ll look at the measures Real Life uses to determine our effectiveness in creating fully devoted followers of Jesus.



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Got any regrets from 2014?  Did you make a resolution or set any goals for the new year or are you just gonna take, one day at a time? No matter who you are or where you’re at in life you want every new year to be better than the last. This message will help you achieve that goal and experience more of the real life God has in store for you!  This message was based on Andy Stanley’s book, Ask It.


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This Christmas @ Real Life you’ll see that the Christmas story isn’t as pretty as you might have thought. The Son of God wasn’t born into perfection but into poverty. From His mother, Mary’s, reputation to his step-father’s rigid rule following, to the animal waste covered floor of his delivery room and His sordid family tree, Jesus’ birth proves one thing: God is not afraid of your mess. From mess to miracle Jesus’ birth brings hope to the hopeless, light in the darkness and life for ALL people.



There are a lot of ideas about Jesus but two characteristics marked Him more than any other. If we are to be like Jesus we should know who He is and what He did so we don’t end up following counterfeits.



When our bank accounts seem to be in decline, and our tax payments on the rise how do we plan for a future we can’t predict or fully prepare for? In this series we’ll take a look at not only how God views finances but at how his economy functions and how we can have peace in uncertain times and even thrive regardless of what our bank account says.


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While some fervently deny the existence of God they pour over shows like Ghost Hunter, Sleepy Hollow and the new 2Mil per-episode Dracula. Whatever your paranormal leanings there’s a show for you. A recent study by market researchers One Poll asked 2k Brits a series of questions about their beliefs. This study revealed that 55% put their faith in the supernatural and superstition compared with just 49% who believe in God. And just 8% attend a church or other place of worship at least once a week. Dr. Giles Fraser, former canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, said he finds it amusing that those who fervently reject religion are often the most avid followers of superstition.

All this proves that we are the most spiritually indulgent society in history as long as the discussion is void of God – who by the way sits at the top of the spiritual food chain.



Is your faith lagging?  Would you like to have a faith that is on fire?  It won’t happen over night or in one grand moment of supernatural faith.  The truth is that your level of faith is the direct result of your everyday habits, thoughts and actions.  If you want to have a faith that is on fire your daily routines must be in line with a life of faith.  From your language, to your actions and attitudes, your thoughts and even your pocketbook – everything must be surrendered to God if you want to have a faith that is on fire.  Join us on this journey through the book of James and ignite the passion of your faith.



No matter who you are, what you do or what organization you are associated with there are ideas, principles, core values that you or your organization hold dear. Sometimes these principles are shared like for the Marines and Navy. Their core values are Honor, Courage and Commitment but each of these branches of our military have a different strategy for applying these core values to everyday life. Over the next three weeks we’ll be working through each of our Core Values here at Real Life and sharing the strategies behind how to make each a part of our daily lives. Join us as we take an in-depth look at our Core Values: Real | Relevant | Relational.


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Does God Want Me Happy?  We’ve all heard some preacher say that God wants us to be happy, healthy and sometimes even wealthy. But if that’s true, wouldn’t every Christian be happy? Are you happy? In this series we’ll ask the question, Does God want me happy? You may be surprised by the answer and by what God actually wants for your life.


God At The Movies 2014 – The 80’s! Go “Back In Time” at Real Life as we kick off God At The Movies – the 80’s! We’ll use some of the best movies from the 80’s to address spiritual realities we all struggle with. From dealing with our past to choosing your friends and even how to “paint the fence and sand the floor” (yes there’s spiritual application there!). Join us for God At The Movies 80’s Style!

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The Stand: Our culture is constantly shifting. Right and wrong trade places on a daily basis, so what are we to set our moral compass too? When a christian athlete is ridiculed for his faith and the first openly gay NFL player is praised for his bravery on draft day we’re left wondering what’s okay and what’s not. We’re not talking about condemning or condoning the culture we live in, just transforming it. In this two week series we’ll take a look at our culture in light of our King and see where we may need to take The Stand.

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Death Row Savior:  Jesus came to die, that was His purpose. He knew it. He embraced it. But that is not to say that He didn’t struggle with it. His purpose carried Him through those tough times when He just wanted to give up. It gave Him a Path to walk, a Perspective to seek and a Passion to give Himself for. Purpose does the same for you and I. Purpose narrows our path, widens our perspective and Fuels our passion.