Join our Online Church team and help every person possible find real life!

Real Life is LIVE! We're looking for camera operators and live-stream directors, so if you're detail oriented and have a desire to help every person possible find real life in Jesus let us know!

Camera Operator: We're looking for behind-the-scenes individuals who can operate both still shot and moving cameras. We'll have one still camera for full-stage and tight shots on speakers/instrumentalists. We'll also have a moving camera during the music portion of the service so that operator will have to move around the stage to get great action shots.

Live-Stream Director: Our directors will be responsible for what shots go live when. This person will be a Type-A, detail oriented and focused individual capable of working quickly. The live-stream feed will be run from an iPad and will require quick response to camera shots and pulling in static video/image elements at the appropriate time to create the most engaging experience for those watching.

The mission for the live-stream will be the same as our that of our worship team - to create a distraction free environment where every person possible can find real life in Jesus and look more like Him every day. Just like a wrong note played or an attention seeking instrumentalist or vocalist, poor audio or an ill-prepared preacher, the live-stream team will work to make sure that the feed is smooth and engaging so that those watching will be able to focus on Jesus and not on disjointed or poorly timed video elements.

You look like JEsus most when you serve! Help every person possible find real life in Jesus by filling out the form below!

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