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Easter at Real Life

We'd love for you to join us this Easter at Real Life Online!

People Matter and EASTER Proves It!

Forget about the hype and the eggs and the suits and hats - Nobody dressed up the first Easter, nobody hid eggs, nobody was even celebrating.

  • The followers of Jesus thought their KING was dead.
  • The religious elite thought their ENEMY was dead.
  • The Romans thought another CRIMINAL was dead.
  • The angels thought that GOD was dead...

That's the beauty of Easter wherever you are and whatever you're into Easter proves one thing...

No Grave Can Hold Him!

Every person in the Easter story thought it was over. They either thought they had finally won - or they thought they had horribly lost. But they all thought it was over... Look, if you die and your body is laid in a tomb that's the end. Unless it isn't. And you don't have to understand it to benefit from it.

The point is, you matter to God. So He came up with this incredible plan to trade His Son for your sin, of course, He knew that Jesus was able to conquer the cross and the coffin...but no one else did.

That's why Easter turned the world on its head. If a man can die and come back to life what else is possible?!

We'll tell you:

He can take your sin and pay your debt.

He can turn death into life for you.

He can do exactly what He said He would do because no grave can hold Him.

Jesus did it all for YOU because YOU matter to Him... and you matter to US.

Join us Online for EASTER at Real Life!

Two services at 9am and 10:45am