CoronaVirus Response

The latest updates and info on Real Life's CoronaVirus Response

Our LIVE host crashed again this morning - please join us on FB at reallifeeldorado

Here's where you'll find the latest info on Digital LifeGroups, chats, zoom-rooms, services and where to access it all!

2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Here is the schedule for the week of March 22 - 28

Sunday morning at 10am - Join the New and Improved RLLive Live-stream (click here)! On our new platform you'll be able to comment, see message notes, interact, receive prayer and experience Real Life in a fresh way as we praise Jesus together from all over the city, region and world. Please note, due to the City of ElDorado's COVID-19 response plan non-essential personnel will not be allowed to attend services in person at the Civic Center until further notice. Please join us online from home on our new live-stream platform (link above) or on Real Life's FB page, here.

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm - Pastor Corey will host a zoom-room video chat for anyone wanting to go a little deeper into the our new message series, Us vs Them. It will last about an hour and we'll able to see one another and interact in this new Digital LifeGroup setting! Login info will be posted below. We'll begin Wednesday 3/25

Daily Devotion and Check-In - Pastor Corey will be doing a morning Facebook Live check in to share a bible passage, thought and prayer as we navigate through the next couple months (possibly). You can check in, share thoughts, prayers, and interact with others. We expect that to begin on Monday 3/23

Student Ministry - If you have a student in grades 6-12, Amber will be hosting a zoom-room video chat for youth on Sunday evenings at 6:00p (normal meeting time) and perhaps other times for special events. Students can keep up with schedules on the student ministry FB page.

Kid's Ministry - This weekend we'll be sharing a great resource from our friends at Life.Church in OK. In the coming weeks Amber will be posting videos for 2 different age groups that you can watch with your kids. There will be questions you can ask to further engage your child and activity pages you can print off (if you have that ability). Those videos will be available on our Kid's Ministry page.

Since we can't be together we'll be working on posting/hosting more Digital LifeGroups in the coming weeks. The information we have at this time is that Real Life will not be able to meet in the CC again for regular services until sometime in May.

Easter - we will be working to provide the best digital Easter service possible!

Giving - Like you, we are unsure of how this whole social distancing thing is going to work. While we pray that no one has to be laid off and that our governments quick actions to help those in need will actually help, we want to be the best resource we can as well. If you are able to continue to give financially during this time we appreciate it. If not, we certainly understand and if you find yourself in a bind please reach out and let us know and we'll help if we can. If you are able to continue to give or even increase your giving so we can help others and continue to minister through this time we would greatly appreciate it.

Related too giving, because of the need to increase not only our digital presence but the way in which we interact digitally we have had to upgrade software and hardware. If you'd like to give a gift specifically to offset these and other expenses related to our live-streaming that would be appreciated as well. We're working to make our digital worship experience look, sound and even feel better than ever. Thanks!

If you are able to give click the orange icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

In addition, if you'd like to mail your gift please email for the address or you can DM the Real Life on Facebook.

Ways to CONNECT when disconnected

For Kids!

Parents, we've got you covering during quarantine 2020! Amber's been working hard to make sure you've got bible-based lessons to help your kids grow in Jesus even when they can't be at church! Every Sunday there will be a new video lesson to watch but EVERY DAY you can access other sites to help your kids (and let's be honest help you too by giving them something to do for a few minutes) learn about Jesus. Amber's also working on daily devotional to stay connected with your kids along with activity pages! You can check it all out by clicking the button below!

Pastor Corey's LifeGroup

We'll be discussing the message from Sunday a little more and answering questions!

This four-week series will explore the relationship between members of the church and those outside of it. It will speak to God’s expectation for the church to be salt and light to the world by exercising humility in understanding God’s design, living generously in our approach to one another, pursuing patience in the midst of diversity, and embracing the common nature we all share.

You can get ZOOM for FREE!

Real Women's Facebook Group

Join the women of Real Life for conversation and inspiration!

If you're on Facebook check out the Real Women's Facebook group and start a conversation!

Join the Real Women's ministry for a weekly ZOOM chat session with a special guest each week discussing a specific topic - you can ask questions and interact with each other and the guest. The ZOOM group will meet each Wednesday at 10am.

See below for how to set up your own free ZOOM account.

Google Hangouts

Ideal for casual or smaller groups

 Google Hangouts are free, easy to use, very good for discussions with peers and friends. Good up to 10 participants.


Ideal for small or large groups, training or education

Free for meetings up to 45 minutes, very user-friendly, good presentation tools, can handle a large number of participants. 


Ideal for one on one communication

Free video-messaging service that allows 1 on 1 video calls from one user to another. It's an extremely popular service that pioneered face-to-face digital interaction. Setting up an account is easy and we recommend leveraging this service as a way to reach out to each other one on one!

How to Screen Mirror from Android to ROKU

If you have an android device (phone/tablet) and a ROKU stick or box connected to your TV here's how you can mirror your phone to ROKU to watch the Sunday service on your TV!

Netflix Party on Google Chrome

Have a virtual movie night with your friends or family - or multiple families!

  1. Go to and click "Get Netflix Party for Chrome."
  2. That will take you to Chrome's Web Store. You'll then click "Add to Chrome" which will prompt you to "Add Extension."
  3. You'll then see the "NP" icon on the upper right hand side of your screen.
  4. Pick any film or movie you want. Click the "NP" icon to get your URL.
  5. Click "Copy URL" and then send that link to any friend you like.
  6. When they open the link, voilà, they'll see exactly what you do.