Coffee with Corey

For ALL Newcomers to Real Life Church

Is This For Me?

That's the #1 question we hear and the answer is simple. If you're never been to Coffee with Corey then... Yes!

What Is It?

Pastor Corey would like to invite you and several others to hang out after church on Sunday for about an hour. We'll have some snacks for you and bring in your favorite coffee from BrewCo (Corey's favorite local coffee joint), we'll get to know each other, share some stories and share a little more about Real Life Church. It's super informal and relaxed so just hang out, be yourself and we'll have some fun!

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

Coffee with Corey is scheduled about every six weeks, starts around 11:30 and lasts an hour. There will be a table set up in the back of the auditorium and we'll bring you your favorite coffee.

-Fill out the form below to let us know who's coming

-Check the date you'd like to attend

-Let us know what your favorite coffee is

-Hit submit and that's it!