Sunday Church Service 10am

Sunday Church Service 10am

The Civci Center

time 10:00 am

Every Sunday from

June 7, 2015

At Real Life we believe that there is no such thing as a Lone Ranger Christian.  Even the Apostles, Paul, Peter, John Mark and the rest were connected to their home church in Jerusalem and came back often to be refreshed and receive guidance.   When you come to church you not only are able to worship Jesus, but you are encouraged by others you see there and your presence is an encouragement to them!  Being plugged into a church allows you to use your gifts and talents, practice the spiritual discipline of tithing and serving and allows you to join with others in worship of the king – just like it will be in heaven!  Being a part of a local church (that Jesus died for) is a privilege for a believer it offers so much that you just can’t get anywhere else.