Add To Mobile

Add a link to your mobile device's homescreen

Save To Your Device's Home Screen

For instructions on saving to your device's home screen for ease of access, scroll down to the type of device you're using and follow the instructions.

iOS Device (Safari Browser)

1) Open up Safari on your device and go to

2) Once the site opens look at the bottom of the screen and you'll see an icon depicting an arrow that looks like it's trying to escape from a square, tap this button.

3) Once you've tapped this button you will see a few options pop up. Scroll until you see the "Add to Home Screen" option. Click it.

4) On the new window that opens you'll have the option of naming your new home screen option. You can just delete all the text until only Real Life remains, then click the "Add" button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

5) When you're all done you'll see the Real Life logo on your home screen. Now, whenever you want to check out all the cool stuff happening at Real Life, register for a LifeGroup, to serve or attend the next Discover Real Life Partnership seminar, all you'll have to do it click the Real Life icon on your home screen and you'll be magically disked away to the home page.

Android Device (Chrome Browser - make sure you're using the Chrome Browser)

1) Open Chrome on your device and go to

2) Once the site opens touch the overflow button in the top right hand corner (It's those three little vertical dots) and select "Add to Home Screen.

3) Android will make you name this new Home Screen icon so, if you want, just delete the text and type Real Life.

4) Your new home screen icon should now have joined your other icons on your home screen - however, what you will probably see is a square with the letter "R" in it and not the Real Life logo like you do on the iPhone. This is due to the fact that you have an Android device. If you'd like the icon to show up, turn your Android in for an iPhone. 😂