Core Values

Real Life has three core values that drive everything we do. These values have become the measurement for our ministry. Everything we do must be in alignment with these core values. Under each value are several strategies we use to help us achieve each value. God has called this community of believers to be…

Real  Real

  •  Radical Authenticity:  We will be a people who live honestly before the world and each other, humbly recognizing our own failures in pursuit of Jesus.
  • Real Faith:  We will be a people who live our faith out in the real world earning the right to share it with others.   (lifestyle evangelism)
  • Honest Diversity:  We will be a people who embrace others just as Jesus has embraced us – every race, color, creed – in order to build community as we seek Jesus together.


Relavant  Relevant

  • In our Worship: We will be a people who seek the presence of God through life transforming worship experiences in which we partner with the Holy Spirit for life change.
  • In the World:  We will be a people whose faith is expressed visibly.
  • In our Work:  We will be a people who serve; investing in development, discipleship, delegation and multiplication, so the work of Jesus is unhindered.


Relational  Relational

  • In Life:  We will be a people who actively engage with each other through small groups being real with each other and relevant to our world.
  • In Family:  We will be a people who seek to partner with Fathers and Mothers to give children the best possible foundation for their future. Faith is often caught.
  • In Community:  We will be a people who intentionally seek to serve the needs of our communities in real and relevant ways so that the Gospel may be presented through our lives.