About Us

In August of 2007 Real Life launched as a church in the East end of the Kawasaki building at 2405 W Central. Planting a church in a town with a large number of existing churches is not the ideal situation but we believed (and still do) that Real Life was not supposed to be a church like the rest of the them but a church for the rest of us! If you're like most at here you haven't had a perfect past, you don't speak "church", you've tried church before and just didn't fit in - for whatever reason. Real Life may just be a church you can feel comfortable at.
In the summer of 2011 the leadership of Real Life decided to move out of the Kawasaki building and rent office space downtown and the Civic Center on Sundays for church. That move proved to be challenging but has allowed us to grow, expand our children's ministry and have a place to during the week for groups and activities. We'd love to have you join us and check things out. See if this could be a church for you!

Real Life's Mission

To help every person possible find real life in Jesus and look more like Him every day.

Real Life's Vision

While the mission might be somewhat similar to most local church congregations. What is unique about Real Life, is our vision…

We don’t want to be a church like the rest of them, but to be a church for the rest of us.

Real Life's Values

The local church has operated in much the same fashion as it did a decade ago. For that reason, many today feel a disconnect from the church; they just don’t fit in, they don’t feel like the church gets them and they certainly don’t get it. We want to help bridge that gap – part of how we do that is expressed through our core values…

To be REAL, RELEVANT, and RELATIONAL in everything we do.

Being REAL means that we will strive for authenticity.
Being RELEVANT means that being a part of Real Life will be worth your time throughout your busy week.
Being RELATIONAL means that you’ll have people to “do” life together with.

Keep Going!

We encourage you to check out the rest of the site. If you really want to get a taste for Real Life, check out our video page of messages, or better yet, join us on a Sunday morning!